The Structure Within The Company

About Us

Southwest Tool Svs Inc. has been putting service into supply since 1980. We specialize in servicing your company needs. With over 100 lines of products available we can strive to find the correct product to fit your individual needs. We go one or two steps further than the large SUPPLY HOUSES by finding out what is your objective. If you need tooling for a single job or full production we do our best to fit products best suited to achieve your goal. We offer stock on the shelf for tooling you consider important. We want to keep jobs in the USA.

How we work

After we have built a relationship with your company, you will be assigned one person that knows your over all company needs. You will have their direct e-mail and their cell phones for after hours emergency needs. You will talk to the same person and get e-mails from the same person each and every time. That is service custom fit to your companies needs. When you call you will speak to your own personal tooling applications specialist that cares about your success. Our inside sales staff do not get commissions so there is never a concern about moving you to a more costly less productive product. When a special challenge comes up our inside staff will discuss with each other different options that might best fit your needs. We are a team and our service to you will become part of your team as well.

Our Process

When a request for quote comes to STS we focus on getting what your requesting. If you already know the product we will quote it back to you in under 24 hours. If it is an item you have purchased before you will get a faster response time. If you have a product that you would like to challenge in productivity just let us know. We will do the research for you allowing you to spend your time being more productive on the shop floor or in assembly. Once you have purchased a product from us we will not increase your price unless our source increases their price. You will be assured that the price charged last time will be the same price this time allowing you to quote future jobs with confidence that pricing on tooling is not going to bite into your profits. We will rush orders without additional charges if you are a part of the Southwest Tool Svs Inc family. It is like having your own purchasing department at your finger tips. New product line? We can build off your blue prints each and every tool needed to complete the job. For customers that depend on us we will extend to you special from time to time as they are extended to us. Giving you an edge against others competing for a job. If you are tired of down times due to a lost order or a missing drill bit talk to your representative and STS will custom fit a fix to your problem.

Our Team

Southwest Tool Svs Inc employees are long term staff. There is no temp services every used at STS. Each staff member has their own level of skill and excellence. We have experience in many different fields, from managing a machine shop of over 200 employees to international inventory controls. Purchasing experiences, quality controls, special shipping needs, to product improvements. Each employee prides ourselves in our integrity to each other. Most of all we extend that integrity to you the customer. Most of us have stood at a machine and understands the difference between quality products and cheap products. We understand the difference between production runs and job shop needs. We understand budget concerns and research and development opportunities. We are constantly challenging each other with newer faster more productive ways of doing things. There is no huge corporation with hard fast rules and regulations at STS. Each staff member knows our objective for doing business and each employee knows our success is based on your success. Each staff member has the ability to make decisions. We surround our staff with knowledgeable field representatives that will come to your location and test tools. We will help you to build your crib or your cell location. Tooling up or changing trends in manufacturing. Each person that visits you will have experience in the area you have requested. In todays rapid paced technical world it is difficult for the average machine shop to know all there is to know about tooling, inventory, new products and how other shops run jobs. Rather than sitting at a computer looking for the answer send your questions to us. We will offer you a solution. Never call a catalog house unless you are looking for catalog answers. Contact your sales representative for more information.