Adding service to supply

Request For Quote

All RFQ's can be directed to a number of our specialists for a quote at Our specialists are synchronized into this service for major breakthrough for customers. All quotes can be estimated and expected back to the customer the business day they are received. Read more below in the request for quote section for the best service.


Southwest Tool Services Inc. has normal shipping rates. Special shipping options are available as well as drop-shipping. Contact us for special shipping rates. STS focuses on one thing for their customers and that is seeing the customer receive their desired product in the perfect time.

Specialize Tool Design

STS specializes in custom tool design. Southwest Tool Services Inc. works with customer prints. This allows the acknowlegment of the specific obligation we have with the given prints. All Specialize Tooling Design that is ordered here at STS goes through inspection before the customer receives the finished work.

Inventory Management

We offer stock here at STS on hand to support your machine shop needs. We support local customers in stock to prevent machines from going down in production. Based on lead times for product and shipping we have successfully discovered a need to always have tooling on hand for the customers that request it. Relieving our customers during times of production is a major goal for us to meet.

Request for Quote

Requesting for quotes is a pillar here at Southwest Tool Services Inc. With the dynamic lines STS is connected to we can provide great affordable prices with the lower qualtiy and higher quality of cutting tools the customers want for their production around the United States. We have discovered that we conduct a high level of supply through this industry with the right communication of the request that is given.To serve you best we recommend that you include the future information: 1.) The Application of Material. 2.) Quality/Production it will be running. 3.) Objective- Best/lowest price wanted. 4.) When needed. 5.) Specifics of the product/Specifics on the brand. The request that is completed with all this information gives us visable and practical observantion as a successful supplier. We do best by narrowing the doors and identifying the perfection of the production within the quote by communication. STS is firmly developed on the conduct of giving the customer what they want and need. All RFQ's (Request For Quote) can be emailed to or then can be called in at 602-278-5377

Customer Service

Service here at Southwest Tool Services Inc. is our identity. We work to serve and not to be served. Services is our part, and we continually grow and work on our moral ethics within ourselves to be as flexible as possible for our customers. Here at STS we also have technical support. If you have any questions about a product or material application you can call us at 602-278-5377 or email us at and we will answer all your questions with the created technical support team we have in place for you. Service is not just an act of helping here at STS, it's the ability to build and establish relationships that will go beyond business.

Special Application

Designing for excellence is a task we take pride in. We are capable of custom management for special prints for our customers. The design is constructed to meet the needs of our customers applications. Prosperity has come through this area of special application. The flexiblity from taking standards and transforming material into a new dimension that involves a custom make has enlightened the industrial movement to a high and better production throughout the world. Customizing speeds, feeds, and the change of products takes customers deeper and allows their success in the industry to grow rapidly when it comes to working outside the box.


Southwest Tool Services Inc. loves to invest in people who have moral ethics and withhold an extreme high priority in their integrity. Our foundation is services, the best leaders are the ones that make the best servants. Leading as an example and remaining teachable at all times is in the DNA of STS. Every day is another day to get better at what we do and learn how to grow into something bigger with more productivity. What you do with the course that is set before you is how well you can develop yourself with the endurance of your personal character by making the best of every opportunity. We require willingness, teachability, dedication, and determination to allow the business field to mold you into the character you will discover through these attributes. Experience is very helpful toward a career here at Southwest Tool. We encourage all applicants to have at least a 1-2 year minumium of manufacturing, machining, or inventory. Experience is helpful and it brings the fuel to the tank to move forward in the movement of success.